UpGlide Launches New Programs and Agreements with MSP Partners

UpGlide continues to capitalize on its existing partner adoption rate by launching two new programs with current MSP partners.  Scott Aicher, COO of UpGlide said, “Our goal is to bring VALUE to partnerships in any and every way possible.  I am very pleased to see our efforts rewarded through our existing MSP partners using UpGlide as their preferred VMS technology to facilitate new program wins.”  UpGlide will be deployed within partners in the medical and manufacturing staffing industries as a complete program management tool. Aicher continued, “With UpGlide’s built in flexibility to customize per client specifications, our partners see great value in presenting the platform to all industries without hesitation. This adds great diversification of industry segments we serve.”

In addition, over the past two weeks UpGlide has signed contracts with two new national MSP partners as their VMS technology provider.  Aicher said about the news, “It is an honor for the UpGlide team to be selected by two highly respected industry leaders. I am humbled by the commitment of our new partners’ leadership teams introducing UpGlide as a key component of their future growth strategy.”  Aicher continued, “To be involved in our MSP partners’ sales strategies and growth planning is very exciting.  We look forward to the possibilities and opportunities the future holds.”

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UpGlide is the cloud-based contingent workforce management platform that creates diverse user experiences through versatility. Designed for multifunctional use, UpGlide’s vendor management system (VMS) is customizable to meet role-specific needs of end clients, MSPs, and staffing agencies within the contingent workforce ecosystem. Use UpGlide to support any piece of the contingent workforce lifecycle, streamline program administration, and enable data exchange across external management systems.

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